Shopping For The Perfect New Year’s Eve Outfit

I am a recent graduate from Immaculata University with a B.S in Fashion Merchandising. I also have minors in Graphic Design and Studio Arts.

My first year in school I sparked an interest in graphic design. I designed advertising material for charity events and Immaculata’s fashion shows. This lead me to be one of the most computer savvy students in my major. I landed an internship with The Frey Boutique as a lead graphic designer. I edited all images for their new e-commerce website. Soon after I worked with Bootights as an assistant graphic designer creating specs and line sheets for new merchandise.

Entering my junior year I knew I wanted a career in fashion design. I secured an internship with QVC’s design, development and global sourcing department for just under nine months. There I supported designers on a daily basis, implementing and conceptualizing product development on a month basis.

After graduating I freelanced for local companies designing marketing material. I am currently interning with a private label company in New York City with a potential position ahead.

New Year’s Eve is one of the most important nights for us girls. We want to stand out from others and be original. What outfit will you be rocking this year? There are many classic trends and new ones to consider while shopping for your perfect outfit. I listed a few of my top favorite trends that guarantee to turn heads.

The first trend to consider is sequins, sequins, and more sequins. This should be your favorite idea if you want the “wow” factor. Gold, silver, and, black have been the classic colors we see year after year. Now navy, and maroon have become a winter color, which is a must have. For a twist on this trend try to break from the pact. Consider a sequins romper, jumpsuit, or a unique neckline on a dress. For those girls who love sequins, but in small doses try just a sequin skirt with a mute top and vice versa. This gives you just enough sparkle to be noticed by that special someone.

Feeling a little risqué this year? Then this trend will be for you. Lace has been revamped and redesigned, giving you a unique take on a traditional fabric. This is for the girls who don’t mind showing a little bit more skin. If you’re daring to rock it try layering a sheer lace dress over a high waisted skirt and bra top, or a sheer lace bodysuit paired with a high waisted skirt or pant. Another option is to wear a two piece lace dress. Lace is a romantic fabric, remember to consider nude or deep colors. Bright colors can make lace look tacky and take away from the romantic feeling you are trying to create.

If you want to slip into something a little different this year try a pair of chic shorts. Shorts have taken on a new meaning this year. Try materials such as velvet mixed with lace or beaded trim. This will put all the common party dresses to rest. Another option to consider is a bold skort, which have been reinvented with different hem lines this year. Try a skort with an asymmetrical hem or a bold print in a shiny fabric. This is guaranteed to fit into the holiday festivities. Also if you are someone looking for comfort as well as style, this is the perfect little number.

Trying to be noticed before your outfit? Then consider a dress that enhances your natural beauty and shows off your best features. Try a dress with a plunging front or back neckline showing off your shoulders or back. Hemlines do not need to be sky-high either. Consider a sheath dress paired with your favorite pumps. Keep in mind to go with nude, or dark color palettes. This will ensure the focus will be on your beauty and not the dress.

I hope this helps in finding your perfect New Years Eve’s outfit. Remember to always stay true to yourself. Whether you plan to keep is classy or spice things up, make sure you rock confidence in any outfit.

-Danielle Palmisano

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