Dating someone in your class

A big question many college students have is if they should date someone who is in one of their classes or who lives in their dorms or apartments.

Many students may feel that dating somebody that they are forced to see on a daily basis may be strange, especially if that relationship doesn’t work out the way planned.

Others may feel that dating someone that they can see so often may be very convenient, therefore making it easy to get a hold of each other and an easy way to spend quality time together.

No matter the case, most people seem to date more than just one person in college, therefore, most may feel a bit awkward once a breakup actually happens. In fact, if two people break up, it might be an ever harder breakup if they are faced to see each other in the hallways, or even in a desk right next to them.

Whatever a college student decides, he or she should ask themselves how they would feel if they were to break up with their significant other, and how it would impact their own college experience, or living situation.

If the answer is that it would be awful to have to face a potential ex in chemistry class, or see an ex in the common dining areas, then maybe that person should reconsider who they date. However, if that student doesn’t mind running into his or her ex, and approaches the relationship openly and honestly, then there is less room for an uneasy encounter if the relationship ends.

Seeing it from more of a glass half full approach, the relationship may never end, and only improve, leaving both people feeling happy that their time together is always right around the corner.

It’s probably true that many students do not think about a breakup when entering into a relationship, rather they focus on how awkward it is once the relationship ends. This is primarily because people want to date each other and to enter it with a pessimistic attitude may be seem too methodical, a glass half empty approach, a realist’s approach, and not a butterfly in stomach way of feeling.

Either way, if you date someone who lives in your dorm and you two don’t work out, be warned that you may see that person dating other people down the road, and prepare yourself to be upset, angry, or not care at all!
It’s all up to you to decide if you want to date a neighbor, just be open and honest with yourself and it will all be fine.

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