Should I go to film school


Pursuing a higher degree is a big decision. It takes a lot of time, effort and, of course, money. It is an investment, like anything else, and when making any decision of this magnitude, you may find yourself asking: is film school worth it?
The answer depends on what you want to do in the film industry. Many filmmakers, many of them even successful, did not attend film school. However, many have. Benefits exist for both sides of the coin, and ultimately it comes to what you want to do.
Many filmmakers argue that film is an art that simply cannot be taught. Like so many of the famous painters of our past never went to art school to learn how to paint. They just knew how to do it. It came naturally.
While arguably this is true to an extent for some aspiring filmmakers, these individuals are more exceptions to the norm.
Going to film school gives you a background in film as a form of art, where it came from and how it has developed to what it is today. It is a challenge and requires students to step out of their comfort zones and change the way they traditionally have thought about film.
Many employers look for employees who have knowledge of the inner workings of the film industry and more than just knowledge of how to make a film. They are looking for someone who knows why a certain angle is best, how a sequence of shots can portray a story, and how a certain genre has influenced the film you are trying to make. Further, film school gives a background in all aspects of filmmaking: screenwriting, producing, filming and editing. Learning about these different aspects of the filmmaking process often help guide students to discover what field they want to pursue in the industry.
The decision is yours to make. Film school is a financial decision and investment, and it is a tough choice to make. However, for so many, it is a choice they simply do not regret.
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