Should You Break Up

Alexa Johnson

Ah, graduation. Just like getting your driver’s license, high school graduation and your twenty-first birthday, grabbing your college diploma is a huge milestone. It’s a huge transitional stage in your life and unfortunately, sometimes not everyone’s up for the ride.

But that doesn’t go for everyone, so if you’ve been in a relationship for the past few years (or months) and know for sure you don’t want it to end and are willing to put in the effort to make it stick in the real world, then more power to ya! If you’re one of these love birds, then don’t listen to what your clearly jealous friends or society says. If you can make it through college together, you can make it through much, much more.

Now for those who start hyperventilating at the idea of a long-distance relationship, or can’t stand the idea of moving for someone other than ourselves, breaking up before the big day might be in your cards.

First, have a discussion about where you see yourself and where your boyfriend/girlfriend sees themselves in five to ten years. Do you see yourself in or near the same city? Do you both see yourself actively pursuing your dream jobs?

Then, discuss what you’d be willing to compromise and sacrifice. Would you move to NYC for him? Would you be willing to wait a few years to move in with her? And of course, the biggie: is marriage an ultimate goal for the two of you?

These are all huge, scary questions. But you need to be realistic and answer them – otherwise you’re just wasting your time! If you honestly can’t see yourself with this person come May, consider the possibility of a break up. You’ll need some time to heal and college is the best time because of your built-in support system and constant party opportunities.

Whatever your decision, don’t let the fear of the future freak you out. Live in the now! Hey, maybe after May the two of you will fall apart naturally but don’t let those thoughts keep you up at night. Remember, time heals all wounds. Need another cliché? If someone is meant to be in your life, life will find a funny way to make it happen.

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