Should you change your major?

Selecting a major is one of the most stressful decisions of a college student’s post-secondary career. When you have no idea what kind of work you want to explore after college, all the options in the course calendar can seem meaningless. Yet most schools require you to chose a major after your first year of enrollment, so all too often, students leap on what ever degree sounds the most interesting at the start.

The problem is, once you’ve embarked on your major’s studies and learn more about the field you might find it doesn’t suit you at all. Or even worse, you may find that the chosen field has few jobs prospects or below average pay. And for some, they realize that they just don’t like learning the material al all.

The decision to pull the plug and explore another field can be devastating. You may have wasted hundreds of dollars on textbooks already and the change could require spending another year in school. For most students, this is reason enough to stick it out. The following paragraphs will help guide this very important decision.

Stay the course

Let’s say you don’t like your major but you still don’t know what kind of work you will pursue. Maybe you’re three quarters through an anthropology degree and have decided you like sociology better. Or maybe you’re halfway through your last year of college. In these situations, you are advised to continue with the major and finish your degree. You can always go back to school or college to work on a path that you are more excited about.

Make the switch

College is a time to learn a lot about yourself and you may have a revelation halfway through your studies of what you really want to do. Maybe you started in engineering but a part time gig at the student newspaper made you realize your true calling is journalism. In a situation like this, you shouldn’t waste your time on your original major. Perhaps you always thought you wanted to study geography but after your first year, you realized that it’s not as exciting as you through it would be. If you haven’t invested more than a year in your major you really have nothing to lose by changing paths. The courses you took will make up your required electives or perhaps can even count towards a minor concentration.

Remember that college is only a small part of your working life so always chose what works best for you at the time. There is no way to predict what you will ultimately enjoy doing, especially when you have to make this decision during your high school years. The most important thing is to not panic over the decision and remember that any path you chose is part of your learning experience.

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