Online foreign language degree


Our world is becoming increasingly globalized. The Internet and social media have made it possible to connect instantly with people around the globe, and because of this, there is a growing need for people who can communicate effectively in other languages. If you enjoy talking with people from different cultures and want to make a career out of it, consider pursuing an online bachelor’s degree in a foreign language.

Why study a foreign language?

The most obvious reason to study a foreign language is to increase your powers of communication, but the advantages go way beyond this. Knowing multiple languages can help you when you travel, make new bodies of literature accessible, and help you see the world from a more global perspective. It can also aid you in your job search.

What language should you study?

Ultimately, you should choose a language that you love from a culture you are excited to immerse yourself in. Many schools offer degrees in a variety of languages. If you want to pick a language based on future job prospects, consider studying Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic. These languages are becoming essential in a global business context.

What will you learn in a foreign language degree program?

The foundation of a bachelor’s degree in a foreign language is a basic liberal arts education, including courses in English and literature, the natural and social sciences, and quantitative mathematics. You will also take many courses in the language of your choice, as well as in the culture that surrounds that language. For example, as a French major, you would take courses in French grammar and conversation, but also in French history and culture. Some of your literature courses would also be in French. The goal of these programs is for you to be able to communicate fluently in the language and to understand the social and cultural context surrounding that language.

What can you do with a degree in a foreign language?

Foreign language students have many career paths open to them. Some of the most common occupations are interpreters, translators, and teachers, but there are many other sectors that need people who can speak more than one language including international business, government, education, science, and law enforcement. Many students choose to combine a foreign language degree with a degree or concentration in another field. For example, you might choose to major in Chinese and minor in international relations.

Learning a foreign language gives you access not only to new words, but also to new cultures. Whether you want to travel, teach, work in a foreign country, or just read untranslated books, an online bachelor’s degree in a foreign language can help you achieve your goal.

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