Should you introduce your parents to the person you’re dating

If you find yourself dating someone and you’re happy, when is it time to introduce them to your mom and dad? Or, should you introduce them at all to your mom and dad at all?
This all depends.
If you really care about the person you’re with and you’re proud to show them off to the ‘parents, then I suggest you and your sweetie plan a dinner where the introductions can be made. Maybe ask your partner if their parents want to come meet up at the same time, so you can get the introductions over in one swoop and so you can have you own reinforcements there.
Be warned however, if you’re dating someone that your parents might not approve of, maybe you should reconsider if it’s worth introducing them at all.
Realistically speaking, this probably isn’t the person you’re going to marry. It’s college. Not everyone meets their spouse on campus. So, if you can kind of tell that the person you’re with is just for the time being, but that you’re more than likely not seeing a big future with them, then maybe you just don’t tell your parents about him or her at all. Who needs the headache of a naggy mom or dad with so many questions?
If you do really see something special happening with this person, then I suggest you tell your parents that you are seeing someone way in advance to when they actually meet your partner. It will give them time to process that you’re in a relationship, and ask questions, see pictures, etc., rather than be told on the spot that you’ve been seeing someone, and then boom, have them meet and shake hands.
Parents like to be prepared, especially for when their baby is dating someone.
If you’re meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, bring her mom flowers. You can’t go wrong with a pretty bouquet, and it shows you care about not only your girl, but her family.
Find out what her dad likes. Maybe he enjoys sports. You can all meet for the first time at a sporting event on campus.

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