Moving in with my boyfriend

Alexa Johnson Deciding what to do with your life post-graduation can be super intimidating and stressful. Where will you work? Where will you live? Or more importantly, whom will you live with? For the majority of us, our newest roommates will become our parents. Living at home is not uncommon for recent grads. Finding a job right off the bat is difficult, not to mention being able to afford living on your own! If you are able to move out directly after college, you most likely will need to find a roomie (or two) to combat the high cost of rent. For those of us in relationships, the big question becomes: to find a roommate or move in with our significant other? There are a couple things to factor in before automatically signing the lease with your beau. First, how committed are you to the relationship? Do you see an inevitable future together (like, you plan on never moving out and eventually marrying this person)? Even if you’re not thinking that far ahead, moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend before the question is popped isn’t so bad an idea. Kind of like a trial run to see how you two fare under the same roof. Second, do you two even want to live in the same location? Maybe your man is a bit wealthier than you and wants the penthouse apartment over looking the Park. Or maybe you have a pooch and need something on the first floor with a grassy knoll nearby. If one of you wants city and the other country, someone is going to be unhappy (or you’ll need to learn the important prerequisite for marriage: compromising!). Living with another person (as you most likely learned in college) requires patience and adjustment. You will need to split the rent and chores. You will need to get over your pride and take responsibility for things like taking the trash out and doing your own dishes. The most important thing to remember should you decide to move in with your loved one after May is that you are not sacrificing anything that you could be doing if he/she weren’t in the picture. For example, if you got your dream job offer in NYC but turned it down to follow your beau to LA, that would not be fair and you might regret it later. In the end, trust your gut, and do what’s right for YOU!

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