Should you stay with your hometown boyfriend or girlfriend?

You’ve moved from home, you’re in college, and you’re stoked. You love everything about college and you’re having some fun.
But what if the one thing missing is your significant other from back home? What if you moved away from your hometown boyfriend or girlfriend? Should you stay committed and in a relationship with them, or is it time to cut the cord and be done?
I say it all depends on how serious you two are. Maybe it’s a new relationship and you want to see where it goes. Maybe you plan on bringing your sweetie with you on campus and want to see them as often as you can. Or, maybe you find yourself drifting apart, and rather than the cliché of absence makes the heart grow fonder, it feels more like out of sight, out of mind.
Whatever the case may be, you obviously care about who you left back home because you’re still with them.
The key is to have open communication about the entire situation.
Maybe your hometown honey is at another college and feels just as conflicted as you. Or maybe he or she is a senior in high school and cannot possibly grasp what the college experience is like.
If you stay with your boyfriend or girlfriend, make them feel included with what’s going on in your college life. Use technology as a way to bond; give them a virtual tour of your room, your classes, and your new friends.
If they feel like they’re still connected to you at a distance, there’s a good chance that you two can make it.
If you’re feeling like you want to play and have some fun with a new partner, let your boyfriend or girlfriend know so you don’t waste their time. Maybe they feel the exact same way and haven’t told you yet.
You’d be surprised with what a little honesty does. Plus, at least you know you’re not holding onto someone who might want to be done as well.
Either way, just know that whatever decision you make, it’s not the end of the world if you two break up, and life moves on!

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