Product demonstrator job description

Are you someone who is a great at telling a story? Are you known to be persuasive in getting people’s attention and influencing their decision to agree to your point of view or make a purchase from you? Are you someone who is fascinated by the infomercials on televisions and always wondered if there is a career to be made from someone who introduces the products? If any of the above applies to you, then you should consider a career as a product demonstrator.
Because product demonstration is one of the most effective ways to promote a product to a targeted audience, product demonstrators are found across all industries. The education requirements differ depending on the type of product you are demonstrating. For instance, if you are employed in the retail sector promoting a small appliance or a food product, chances are that you are not required to have an undergraduate education. However, if you are demonstrating an IT program or a heavy industry equipment, then you may be required to have a degree in computer science or engineering.
As a result, the career path of a product demonstrator differs depending on the industry in which you work. If you are in the retail or consumer business sectors, you are likely going to be working at a department store or a grocery chain promoting items to every day customers. However, if you are working in the IT or industrial sectors, then you are likely going to be a solutions engineer or product sales specialist working in an office promoting the products to businesses. Thus, there is a wide salary range across these roles.
However, regardless of which sector you work in as a product demonstrator, here are some of the skills and qualities that are essential for this role:
• Presentation skills: Because your role is to encourage people to buy the product, you need to be able to present its strengths in such a way that will persuade people to buy from you. Most product demonstrators are great presenters who are able to tell the story to customers and influence their purchasing behavior. If you are not a great presenter but want to be in this field, it is suggested that you enroll in public speaking or presentation training to hone in these skills.
• Communication skills: This is perhaps the most important skill that product demonstrators are required to have. Because they deal with the public at all times, they need to be able to communicate with people and answer their questions, address their concerns and engage with them to better understand what will drive them to buy your product.
• Product knowledge: You need to know the product inside and out, regardless if it is a small vacuum or a toaster or a software program. When you make the presentation, people are bound to have questions and you can easily lose your credibility and damage your company’s reputation if you are unable to answer those questions or worse provide the wrong answers.
• Flexibility: This is mostly applicable to product demonstrators in department stores, grocery chains and tradeshows. In order to be in front of the great amount of people, you have to work the hours when everybody else is out of the office. This means that you may be working evenings and weekends quite often.
For more information on the career options as a product demonstrator, please contact your high school counsellor.

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