Shower acessories

Does your shower caddy have everything you need? You may think you have the basics (shampoo, conditioner, soap), but then you’re not getting the full shower experience! Here are some items you may have never thought you needed in the shower but absolutely should have.

Loofah or Bath Puff
Dead skin cells build up on our skin every day, so it’s important to slough off those yucky cells whenever you get in the shower. A loofah is an all-natural, fibrous body scrubber that looks a little bit like shredded wheat cereal. After adding some bath gel or soaping your body, run the loofah gently but firmly all over your skin. The hard surface softens when wet and feels soooo good as it deep cleans and exfoliates. In addition, the light scrubbing is invigorating for your skin. Do not use it on your face, however! Instead, use an exfoliating scrub that you can find at any discount or drug store.

A bath puff does the same thing without the exfoliation. It helps you also not waste too much bath gel (which we all know happens!).

Pumice Stone
The best time to use a pumice stone is in the shower. After a few minutes under a steaming shower, your feet’s skin will soften, making it the perfect surface to exfoliate your tired and worn feet easily and quickly. I like to add a little soap to the stone then to build up a lather with the stone as I scrub. Work the stone on your heels, toes, tops of feet and bottom for a thorough clean. It may take several days to get your feet completely smooth if they are pretty dry and scaly, but be patient, and you’ll be on your way to softer feet in no time.

Deep Conditioner
Every week, you should condition your strands with a deep conditioner. This will help add needed nutrients and moisture to your hair. Instead of waiting outside the shower as you deep condition, take advantage of the time in the shower to let the conditioner soak in and work its magic. Shampoo your hair, gently squeeze out as much water from your hair, apply the conditioner to your hair according to the instructions, then place a shower cap. As you are busy scrubbing, exfoliating, shaving and soaping, you’re hair will be deep conditioning. Finish as instructed and style as usual!

Exfoliating Scrub
Just for extra measure for rough skin, use an exfoliating scrub with rubbing granules that gently but effectively slough off dead skins to reveal softer, fresher skin underneath. This is a great complement to or for use with a pumice stone on elbows and feet. And, of course, these scrubs are fantastic for your face. Try to keep the water from running on your face while doing it. I prefer a little less water so the scrub stays longer and works harder.

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