How to use a shower

Think you know how to shower? Think again! Well, maybe you do know how to get yourself clean but you might not be getting the most out of your showers. It’s easy to get into bad habits that can leave your skin and hair looking dull. The shower and all the steam that it creates is like a mini spa so use it to its fullest.

Step One: Turn On the Shower

Hot water can dry out your skin and strip it of essential oil. Stick with lukewarm water and don’t take long showers. If you want to soak in the steam, just linger in the bathroom after your shower. This will give you the same benefits but minimize your time directly underneath the water.

Step Two: Shampoo and Condition Your Hair

When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, placement is important. Unless you have a lot of product in your hair, you don’t need to shampoo beyond the roots. Put a quarter size amount of shampoo into your hand and then massage it into your roots. Focus on your entire scalp and keep massaging for about 30 seconds. This will maximize the effect of your shampoo and help remove build-up. Use just the pads of your fingers and don’t scrub too hard. It should be relaxing, not jarring.

If you tend to have oily hair, keep your conditioner just at the ends of your hair. Leave it on for a few minutes while you wash your body.

Once a week, use a shampoo and a deep conditioner. The shampoo will help remove any product buildup and maximize the effect of the deep conditioner.

Step Three: Wash Your Body

Loofahs are great for creating a nice sudsy lather but they can be dangerous! The shower is an ideal place for bacterial growth so keep your loofah clean. Stick it in the washing machine or dishwasher once a week and never share. Be sure to also replace it regularly.

The shower is a great place to wash your face. Most people rinse off their facial cleanser far too soon and don’t get the maximum benefits from it. It is particularly important to give your skin a minute to soak in the ingredients if you use an anti-acne wash so apply it a little before you rinse out your conditioner.

Step Four: Dry Off

Right after you shower is the best time to apply lotion. Just dab the excess water off your skin then apply a moisturizer. If you have particularly dry skin, this is a great time to use a heavy moisturizer or oil. A lot of women swear by a post-shower rubdown with baby oil and this can be great for sensitive, dry skin. If you don’t like the feel or smell of oil, use a thick cream.

Don’t brush your hair right after the shower. If your hair tends to be snarly, brush it right before you get into the shower. Wet hair is very delicate and you can create serious damage by brush it while it’s damp.

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