Signs of cheating boyfriend

Alexa Johnson

Something about the way your guy’s been acting lately just feels… different. You can’t put your finger on it, and of course you don’t want to assume anything, but there is a funny feeling in your gut you just can’t shake.

When you’ve been dating someone a long time, you get to know all of their routines and quirks. If your boyfriend starts acting out of the ordinary, say by continuously “going to the bathroom” with his phone or picking petty fights with you, it is normal to suspect something strange is up.

The trick is to hunt for clues – without getting caught! Or at least not to sound too accusatory when you question him about that freshman biology lab partner he spends every Wednesday with. Speaking of which, has your boyfriend been spending less and less time with you lately? It’s one thing to be busy studying for a test (hey, it’s college), but if you know he’s never been Mr. 4.0 suggest the two of you study together at the library. If he makes up a lame excuse and refuses your persistence, park yourself in the library anyway (preferably a little earlier than him).

When the two of you are at a party together, is he too busy being the social butterfly to spend time with you? Or worse, is his hand glued to his cell all night and every time you come over to chat he guiltily shoves it in his pocket?

How is he at responding to your texts and calls? Does he take a long time to respond (as in multiple hours) or let your calls go to voicemail a lot? If he’s in class or at work, cut the boy some slack. But if you know his shift ended at 4:00 and now it’s midnight and he still has not said anything, gently ask him what he was up to the next time you see him. Tell him you’d appreciate it if he returned your calls and texts. If he tells you you’re overreacting, say that you get a little worried that something bad has happened to him when he doesn’t answer. After all, you are his chosen girlfriend… so he should want to talk to you!

If you do in fact catch him cheating, you’re next step is to decide what to do about it. Are you going to stick by his side just for the sake of being in a relationship? Remember your needs are just important as your partners in a relationship. Don’t drag yourself through the mud for a guy that already has three other girls on speed-dial.

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