Signs of a Dangerous Relationship

College is a time of experimenting and dating around to find out the qualities you need and want in a life partner. Experimenting is a great thing, but could lead you down the wrong path a time or two. To make sure that you don’t put yourself in danger, know the early warning signs of a dangerous relationship.

Your Instincts

We are socialized in America to be accepting of differences and that’s great. However looking the other way when a guy’s behavior tweaks you the wrong way is just plain swrong. Just because you can’t put an exact finger on what is bothering you, be smart and protect yourself. Walk away. Some people might call you judgmental but so what? Your instincts are there to protect you. Listen to them.

Physical Cues

During a first meeting, a guy can give off physical cues that indicate that he isn’t a good one. He’ll stand too close to you and try to intimidate you with his height or body mass. If you constantly feel the need to step back from him, then take a really big step back. Say you need to meet up with your friend and get out of there. No need to be polite about it, just go.

Change Your Pattern

So many women date the same guy over and over again; he’s just in a different body. That is why experimenting in college is so important. Get out of your dating pattern and go out on a date with that quiet sweet guy who seems a bit boring and conservative. You never know, you might like him.

Know the Danger Signs

Once you start a relationship, know the danger signs. Is he pressuring you into an intense commitment right away? Once you know his buddies, ask them a bit about your new guy. Also, observe his friends. Do they seem like decent guys?

Also, have probing conversations with the new guy you’re dating. Ask him about his mother or sister. Does he speak positively about the women in his life? Ask him what his view points are about an independent woman. Is he supportive or nasty? Ask him about past girlfriends as well. Does he get really mad and verbally bash them? He won’t treat you any different if you break up.

Skip the Control Freaks

At first the guy who gives you a lot of attention can flatter your ego. However it is not normal to be contacted multiple times a day. It is not normal for him to start isolating you from your friends because he wants all of your time. A healthy relationship means that you both have interests outside of each other and can do things on your own.

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