To become an animator

An animator is a professional who is passionate about being creative and drawing and designing images to yield an animation. Animators need to have certain skills and qualities in order to be successful and often find that this business is rather tough in competition. However, that being said, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be an animator. If the signs are pointing to you that animation is your craft, perhaps you should embrace it. Keep reading to know some signs you should become an animator.
• You are extremely talented at drawing or designing. All your friends and family tell you that you are extremely talented with drawing. In fact, your talent is a pretty big thing. Those in animation love people who are passionate about their goals in life, even if it’s just creating and designing just for friends. Even when doing small projects, you are finding ways to hone your skills and improve your talent even further. Your passion for your just makes you want to work harder to strive for the highest potential of your talent.
• You are a perfectionist. Perhaps perfectionist is too harsh of a word, instead, let’s say you are extremely detailed and meticulous. When it comes to your work, you will spend an absorbent amount of time trying to prefect everything you think is a mistake. This isn’t a bad thing at all. There are some animators who do not do this and this is why we have things known as “goofs.” While it’s understandable that not everything will be perfect, your work still should be checked to see if there some glaring mistakes and for its quality.
• You can think on your feet and work under pressure. In any career, things will not go according to plan. Some people shine during times like these. When the original plan or solution isn’t viable anymore, you think of ways to troubleshoot and quickly find another solution. You are not the type of person who will hem and haw about how things are not going as planned. Also as an animator, you will have deadlines you must deal with. Sometimes the pressure of having a deadline can be extremely stressful, but instead of focusing on how stressed you are, you focus on how to power through your work and get the job done.
• You take direction well and are a team player. Some people only work well as the lone wolf. Others may roll their eyes when their bosses give them a not so nice critique about their work. Not you, regardless of what situation you are in, you find a way to excel. If your superior gives you constructive feedback, you apply what they say and make the proper improvements. If you need to group up with other members of the company to execute the next project, you jump in with no hesitations. Instead of worrying about being uncomfortable about how you may feel in a social situation, you think about what is best for your career and your company.

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