Signs You’re About to Get Dumped

Alexa Johnson

It’s debatable which is worse: being the dumper or the dumpee. Scratch that – getting dumped is by far the worst! When you’re the one kicked to the curb, the ball is entirely in the opposing court. The decision is NOT yours. And that sucks.

Has your significant other been acting shady, distant and a little ‘off’ lately? Do you have reason to suspect he or she might be getting ready to say goodbye? Before you freak out, take a deep breath and read these tips to see whether you’re just overreacting or really have something to worry about…

Sign #1: Lack of Communication: Instead of responding to your texts and phone calls in a jiffy, your lover has been taking his or her time to get back. Three hours might pass before they tell you what their nightly plans are or reply ‘good morning’ back.

Whatever you do, don’t look like a beggar! Not hearing from our mates drives us insane. All we want to do is obsessively call or text them until they give us attention. Remain cool, calm and under control. Get the ball back into your court by ignoring them. If they start to wonder what’s up with you, work out your issue. If you ignore them and they still ignore you, it’s time to start prepping yourself for the big move on.

Step #2: Not including you in their plans: You head on over to their place Friday night and there they are: all decked out in a hilarious hillbilly costume. That’s strange… they “forgot” to tell you about that big party at the neighbor’s house. Sorry pal, no one forgets to tell their significant other those types of things. Get out while you can! At least you look good.

Step #3: Spending more time with their friends: No sane love-hungry college student would rather spend more time with their friends than their crush! Sad, but it’s true… at least until the honeymoon phase wears off, then it’s equal time for everybody. But until then, if your S.O. wants to hang more with their boys or girls than you – whether that means ditching you at night to go to their house, or talking more with them than you at a party – it’s a sign.

Step #4: Picking fights over nothing: The person you’re in love with is the last person you should want to fight with. If the littlest things set your partner off, it’s not normal. The key to a good relationship is knowing when to pick your battles. If you’re fighting over why the sky is blue, know that you could be in a happy and loving relationship with someone much better.

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