Simple but Powerful Beauty Upgrades

If you are looking to upgrade your style, you may need to upgrade your products. This doesn’t mean buying the latest and greatest version of what you already have but rather moving to a better product all together. If you have been using the same products for years, it might be time to make some changes.

Toss: The teasing comb
Get: A boar bristle brush

A boar bristle brush can add volume in more subtle way. Keep frizz at bay and prevent an overly teased look by lifting up the hair at your crown and brushing upward with a boar bristle brush. Not only does it create a more natural look but it is also far better for your hair.

Toss: The contouring bronzer
Get: Grey eyeshadow

If you want to fake the look of strong cheekbones, stay away from sparkly bronzing powder. While bronzers can be great for adding a touch of color to your cheeks they are not really made for contouring. For a more natural look, lightly dot some grey eyeshadow directly underneath your cheekbones to imitate the look of a natural shadow. Be sure to get a good look at it in natural lighting before you go out to make sure that it is well blended and subtle looking (read: don’t go out with grey lines on your face!).

Toss: The eyebrow pencil
Get: Eyeshadow one shade lighter than your natural brow hair

Shadow is much easier to work with and will give you a more natural look. Forget about trying to draw on your eyebrows. Simply add a bit of power with a thin brush to fill in any sparse areas.

Toss: The Blush
Get: Rose shade of lipstick

If your skin is look drab and dry, start replacing your blush with a lipstick. This is a great trick during the winter or if you live in a dry climate and your skin tends to get flakey or take on a pasty look.

Toss: The blush brush
Get: A fan brush

Wide blush brushes can tend to give you a blush overload. Stick with a fan brush which will pick up less product. If you want to add a little more color, do over your cheek again but it’s better to work your way up than to add too much.

Toss: The powdered eyeshadow
Get: Cream based eyeshadow

Powdered eyeshadows have their place but if you are trying to perfect your smokey eye technique go for cream based shadows. It is far easier to create a subtle, easy-to-blend look with cream shadows. Just apply the cream shadow to your entire lid then use a thick, soft brush to blend it upward.

Toss: The lip plumper
Get: Nude lipstick and blush

Rather than using irritating creams, go the simple layer route. Add a coat of nude lipstick, follow it up with a light shade, then top your lips with another coat of nude lipstick. To seal it all in and create a subtle hue, go over your lips with a powdered blush.

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