Singles-Friendly Valentine’s Day Alternatives

It makes sense, of course; college is a time of self-discovery, and if you connect in the special way during this pivotal period, why shouldn’t you spend the rest of your lives together? But college is also a time of self-assertion, a period of flux and unpredictability. So staying single in college isn’t just normal; it’s a perfectly healthy way to spend your undergraduate years. So if you’re looking to resist the claustrophobic pressure that is Valentine’s Day without feeling guilty about your single-ness, here are some ideas that might spice up your holiday:
• Treat yourself: Make your February 14th a “you” day, a celebration of how much you love yourself. Find a truly special way to pamper yourself and indulge all day long. It might mean spending a bit out of your usual weekly budget, but if a manicure or extra dollop of whipped cream on your mocha frapp is what you need to make yourself feel special—go for it.
• Celebrate friendship: Arrange a day that revolves around your group of friends. It’s the holiday of love, so celebrate the affection you have for each other by planning an intimate evening party or going to your favorite in-town restaurant.
• Be a scrooge: If you’re just coming out of a breakup or you’re feeling particularly bitter about your single-ness this year, embrace your anti-Valentine’s Day sentiments wholeheartedly. Deck yourself out in black, pour yourself a few strong drinks, watch overtly violent action movies, gossip with friends—if you plan on having an especially blackhearts Valentine’s Day in advance, you’ll probably end up having a surprisingly fun holiday.
• Be with family: Appreciate the love you have in your life by spending some quality time with the people who love you most. If your college is too far from home, call up extended family members and reconnect on this special day.
• Help others: The best way to stay distracted during what can be an overwhelmingly depressing holiday is to make it wonderful for someone else. Find out what kinds of service programs your college has and arrange a special activity on Valentine’s Day if there isn’t one already.
• Ignore everything: If this holiday is just too much for you this year, push it out of your mind altogether. Make a point of staying busy, passively accept cards and chocolates when they’re offered, and treat it like any other frigid February school day.

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