Things You’ll Regret Not Taking Advantage of in College

Alexis Green is a senior honors student at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. She is quite the well-rounded “professional student”, switching her major a total of 6 times. She is currently in pursuit of a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Film and Visual Media. Her main career interests after graduation include the fields of public relations and advertising, as well as writing books, television scripts, and internet articles. After sampling many different academic pathways, she has decided to narrow her focus and take on opportunities to gain work experience. Her hobbies include YouTube watching, painting, BuzzFeed reading, running, writing, and shopping.

1.) Anything involving free food.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed this yet, but free food is literally EVERYWHERE on most college campuses. Most student organizations often offer some form of edibles to real you into coming to their meetings. You are a student, which more than likely means you are also poor. Even if it means going to a meeting for the Tree Carving Society, if they say there will be pizza, you shall attend. No one is giving away free Jimmy John’s on the streets of the real world, just bills, which are not free.
2.) The student health clinic.
Coughing? Sneezing? Achy? You literally have a mini medical center behind your dorm, and it’s FREE. I mean you paid for it in your student fees, but you get my drift. Once you graduate, your immediate access to medical care is pretty limited. Even if you have insurance and a primary doctor, you will probably die of the symptoms by the time your appointment rolls around.
3.) All forms of academic assistance.
So you’re on the brink failing a core class, aye? This must mean you’re making your way to your school’s academic success center! No? Oh, okay, so you’re going to those free tutoring sessions your professor mentioned? Nope? Oh, I know! You’re going to your professor’s office hours! No? Oh. Well you should probably do some of those things. There are so many ways to get help in a class you struggle in, but you are going to have to be willing to put the extra effort into your studies. If you are friendly with someone who does well in the class take advantage of it! Ask them if the two of you can study for the next exam together.
4.) The recreation center.
The first couple of weeks of school everyone is hitting the gym. But as time goes on, we get busier and of course, lazier. Whenever you’re sitting around in your room with nothing to do, why don’t you go take a free spin class? Or even learn Zumba dances! Most rec centers on campuses offer tons of interesting fitness classes in addition to traditional workout equipment. Keep it interesting and switch up your fitness routine. Work off that free pizza with free hip hop lessons.
5.) Guest speakers and performers.
Remember how I was telling you about how high your student fees are? Yeah, a chunk of that pays for those magicians, comedians, and business owners that come to campus throughout the year. You could be watching disappearing acts, crying from laughter, or be inspirationally moved right in the comfort of your student union. The people that come to your university are there for your entertainment and motivation…plus you already paid for it.
6.) The library.
Oddly enough, a lot of students avoid the library like the bubonic plague. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is far more convenient to study in your dorm room. But you know what that comes with? Distractions. Lots and lots of distractions. Just as soon as you crack your book open for the first time all semester, your roommate decides that this is the perfect time to have a 45 minute conversation about Blue Ivy Carter and North West, therefore leading you to nod your head in agreement. Before you know it, 2am rolls around and you’re web searching “edgy baby names for 2014”. No. Go to the library and focus. Sit in a place that is designed for studying and lacks distraction so you can stay on top of you coursework.

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