What’s cosmetology school like

People who go to beauty school have a variety of aspirations. Some want to be hairdressers, others makeup artists, and others nail technicians. Many people choose to go into this field because they enjoy working creatively and are attracted to the idea that they can get their license in a relatively short period of time. If you choose to go to beauty school you will probably be in classes for about a year, although the exact length of time depends on the vocational institution you attend. By going to school, you can come out on the other end prepared to work in hair and nail salons, barber shops, or as a cosmetologist, depending on the specialty you select. If you’ve just signed up to attend, you may be nervous about whether or not you will succeed. There are several skills that you will need to have both during your time in school and afterwards to be successful.

First and Foremost, You Need to Be Creative!

If you aren’t creative, you probably won’t do well in a beauty profession. This is because hairstylists, cosmetologists, and other beauty professionals have to know how to work with their medium (hair, makeup, etc.) in creative ways. If a customer comes in and wants to try something new and unique, you have to figure out a way to make their vision into a reality (and so that it looks good!). You also have to keep up with all the latest trends and understand how to adapt these styles for your clients. Furthermore, really good beauty professionals aren’t just trend followers, but trend setters! You’ll be especially successful if you can predict what customers will enjoy and be the first to try to styles that catch on. Your creativity can also help you stand out from the pack while you’re in school. If you can make suggestions and use your artistic eye on assignments, you’ll likely get good grades and earn the approval of your teachers.

It’s Also Important for You to Manage Your Time Well.

Strong time-management skills will aid you significantly both in school and in your professional career. While you’re earning your degree, you’ll likely be bombarded with several assignments at once from difference classes. If you have other commitments besides academic ones (think work or family) you’ll have even more balls in the air that you must juggle. If you can learn how to set a schedule, prioritize your obligations, and use your time efficiently, you have a better chance of doing well. Once you are hired by a hair salon or other employer, you’ll have to learn how to set and keep track of appointments. You’ll need to gauge how long different services (such as a trim versus coloring) will take and keep track of the clock. If you fall too far behind, your clients who are waiting will likely get restless, which may affect both your stress level and your tip!

Lastly, Try to Develop Stamina and Endurance.

Get used to being on your feet a lot! Whether you’re putting makeup on someone or cutting their hair, you probably won’t be sitting down. One exception is if you choose to be a nail technician, in which case you probably will be able to sit down while giving manicures or pedicures. But even then, you’ll spend a lot of time walking around the salon and standing on your feet at the register. If you can’t stand up and walk around for eight hours at a time, you should try to develop the ability. This will come in handy during school also, when you’ll be running around between classes. You’ll get a break during some classes, but if you have a job or small children to run around after, this likely won’t be enough time off your feet. Exercising and staying physically fit can help with your



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