Skin Care Myths You Need to Forget

Myth #1: Facial Exercises Can Tone Your Face

If you haven’t already heard the news, spot training isn’t advocated by most experts. You can’t do hundreds of situps and get abs of steal if you are 30 pounds overweight. You also can’t get rid of your double chin without losing weight. Ignore any tips advising you to do particular facial exercises. Your face simply doesn’t work that way. In fact, unlike other areas of your body, you face will actually begin to look at bit worse for each time you use the muscles. Think of things like smile lines. These are caused by repeated use of your facial muscles. Of course, that is just a natural- and fine!- part of aging but there is no need to accelerate the aging process with these “exercises”.

Myth #2: Sun Exposure Help Clear Acne

This is another myth to file under “does more harm than good.” Darker skin may help hide red spots a bit but it is hardly worth the damage that it does to your skin. You can take advantage of this same thing by wearing bronzer. Look for bronzer or gradual self-tanner that is designed for your face so that you don’t have to worry about it clogging your pores.

Myth #3: Shaving Your Legs Make Your Hair Grow Back Faster

No, no, no. Nothing that you do to your hair will change how it grows. You can pluck, shave, thread, and use depilatory creams to your heart’s content. It is not going to change the length, color, or texture of your hair. Some methods of hair removal do keep the hair at bay for longer but that is it. If you pluck the hair from the root it is going to take longer for you to feel it. If you cut the hair, you are leave more hair underneath your skin and so you will feel the stubble sooner. There is simply nothing magical about it.

Myth #4: Vitamin E Creams Will Heal Skin and Prevent Scarring

While there are a lot of companies that claim their products can heal skin and prevent scarring, this simply has not been proven. In fact vitamin E is simply not meant for daily use. If you use it on your skin on a regular basis, it can actually start to irritate your skin. That is not to say that vitamin E is bad for you though. It is an important part of your diet but don’t expect it to perform miracles on your skin.

Myth #5: Unhealthy Foods Cause Acne

There is no proven relationship between food and acne. Greasy foods and sweets are not good for your health but they do not cause breakouts. It is possible that you could have a food allergy but it is not all that likely. Acne breakouts are tied to stress levels, hormones, skin care, and genetics. While you may be eating more chocolate when you are stressed out, it is far more likely that the stress is to blame for your breakout rather than the chocolate.

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