Sleep Fashionably

Whether your current address is a residence hall, sorority or an apartment, you’ll likely see fellow classmates when you’re in your pajamas. Whenever others will see you, be sure to put some thought into your appearance, which therefore now includes your bedtime attire.

Of utmost importance, make sure your pajamas are not revealing. Lingerie and nighties are for your man’s eyes only, so don’t make it part of your nightly routine. But that’s not to say that satin is off-limits. There are shirt-and-short/pants pajama sets in satin that are conservative enough for nonrelatives’ eyes, but it may look like you are trying too hard. Consider pairing loose-fitting satin or cotton pajama pants or shorts with a fitted college T-shirt or a spaghetti-strap shirt. The key is to pair one fitted item with one blousy item, so that your figure is still at least have visible. Otherwise, it may appear as if you’ve gained 10 pounds.

Please forego the adult-sized footed pajamas. Although they are available, you don’t need to be dressing like a child, especially in this transitional period in your life from teenager to young adult. But do consider buying some pajama pants with your school’s logo; pajamas are a great opportunity to show your school spirit.

Not only will you need a robe for when you shower, but it can be comfortable nightwear too. Buy a fuzzy robe in a favorite color that will help soak up the water when you finish washing. In the cooler months, a robe can keep you cozy until you get under the covers.

Don’t forget slippers. Communal bathrooms and even the hallway from there to your dorm room can be breeding grounds for foot fungi and other pests. Never leave your dorm room barefoot, so slippers are essential bedtime gear. Just be sure not to wear them outside, or you’ll drag in dirt and germs into your bedroom. Slippers are a fun way to show your personality. Make a statement with some incredibly fuzzy slippers or ones in a loud pattern.

If your bedroom includes a roommate, consider buying a sleep mask to shield your eyes from bright lights if you go to sleep before her. You may even want to buy some earplugs if your roommate insists on watching late-night TV.

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