Smart is sexy

Back in the day, it was semi-normal for a girl to dumb herself down to attract a guy that she was interested in. She’d reach out to him for advice or help on nearly anything and would develop a dependency that men strive on to feel competent about themselves – more masculine.

These characteristics and actions have been changing however and frankly it is for the better. Society and guys are beginning to recognize and praise the women in their lives for how intelligent they are and how hard they are willing to work to achieve their dreams.

In high school, sometimes it can be intimidating to flex your intelligence muscles in class and answer a teacher’s question or brag about a good grade on a test. (you really shouldn’t brag, maybe, display proudly?)
The pressure from your peers to fit in extends not only from how you look and act but also to how intelligent you perceive to be.

Coming out from those unfortunate shadows is ultimately going to drive you to be successful in your life and starting right NOW is crucial. You should never, ever be afraid to be yourself in all aspects of who you are – including how smart you are. Intelligence is an amazing form of beauty that should never be suppressed. Most likely, the people who are more critical of how smart they think you are, are simply jealous because they don’t think they are nearly as smart as you. Don’t ever let them tear you down.

Smart is sexy. Intelligence lasts way longer than anything else. Respecting that part of yourself will lead you to do great, great things in your life. Study hard and study really well.

Good grades will lead you to get into a good university, therefore achieve a great degree and let you bring everything that you learned to really maximize your potential in a future career and the difference that you make on the world. You have so much to offer.

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