So Maybe Those Bumps Aren’t Acne After All

My skin has been FREAKING OUT lately. For awhile I thought that it was the change in seasons or stress or maybe even my allergy medicine. But after almost a month it hasn’t gone away. Finally, I was so fed up with it that I got on my computer and started doing a little research. It turns out that what I have isn’t pimples, it is a common bacterial infection that makes the area around your nose and eyebrows turn red and bumpy and eventually flaky. The number one thing all of the websites I visited said not to do was apply irritating products like acne medicine. So all of that salicylic acid I have been religiously applying three times a day has been making it worse instead of better. Ugh, as if I need another thing to make me feel not cute now I have skin bacteria! I know that this all may sound like a little TMI and gross, but the reason I am telling you is that I have a feeling I am not the only person this has happened to and I don’t want you to make the same mistake as me. To get rid of the rash, I have been applying an anti-fungal cream every morning that I bought at the drugstore. So far it’s been working really well. Then at night I apply a cortisone cream for the redness. After about a week, most the gross red bumps and flaking are gone from around my nose. There is still some on my chin, which I have been applying a mineral concealer over to cover up and then blotting on some powder to make it stay. I won’t lie, there is nothing less sexy than having a rash on your face. I thought this stuff stopped once we were out of high school, not got worse!

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