What should my major be

My name is Socorro Kenoly.  I am currently a junior at Hampton University. I am a Strategic Communications major at the illustrious Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications and I am taking up a minor in Sociology. I am a proud native of Atlanta, Georgia. I currently hold the position of President of the South Eastern Pre-Alumni Council. I have also spent time in many other organizations like the SGA and the Athletic Marketing Team. I enjoy writing, partaking in socially conscious discussions, and coordinating events and showcases. I have a passion for the arts, community service, and public relations. I am highly engrossed in my loved ones.


What’s first? Where do you even begin? A lot of people ponder their choice of major for a long period of time. Students face the pressure of making the right decision from the time they choose their college all the way up until it’s time for graduation from the institute! A lot of students choose a major and find out that it is not the right choice for them. At this point, the best thing for you to do next is find out what could be better for you. When choosing the best major for yourself there are always 2 main factors used to resolve the issue. Those two factors are passion and of course- money.

Adults always say that the career you choose should be one that not only makes you money, but makes you happy. No one wants to wake up every day and dread their job. Success should be based on your own definition. Consulting an advisor is always an effective way to make decisions. Every department has some and they are all there to help. Many of these advisors have worked in their respective fields a long time before even becoming an advisor.

When talking to one, make sure you have a list of your strengths, likes, and skills in mind. Know the type of work environment you enjoy and the type of people you like to be around. Ask yourself how you want to influence the world around you. Is it as a health professional? Or how about some sort of scientist? Maybe you want to be a news analyst. Or maybe you just want to own your own business one day. No matter what you end up deciding, these advisors can walk you through the steps of changing that major.

The process usually just requires a simple change of major form to be signed by your previous major’s chairperson and your new major’s chairperson. That form is to be given to your school’s registrar and changed in the system to reflect that major on your soon to be acquired degree. The next most important part of the process is beginning your track on a different curriculum. Depending on your new major’s requirements, you may have already taken some of the required classes for the new major. However, sometimes the curriculum could be completely different.

My freshman year, I chose a business major. I came to find that although I want to own my own business someday, marketing was not the major for me. I already knew exactly what I wanted to change my major to. Public Relations is my passion. I chose marketing because people always say that the field of communications is a competitive one that may or may not make you any money. Marketing is an important part of PR, so that’s why I chose it. I got in my classes and realized that Marketing was not for me. I spoke to an advisor in the school of communications and began the process of changing my major. A lot of the classes I had already taken were on the curriculum for Strategic Communications (my schools formal name for Public Relations). A lot of the m did not have to be replaced because the Marketing curriculum was more rigorous than that of Strategic Comm. For instance, Marketing required Math 301, while Strat. Comm. only required College Math 1.

When you finally make your decision and you know it is the best for you, college becomes a whole different world for you. You fall in love with your craft and do everything you can to master that craft. Keep in mind that if your previous major is still something you want to pursue, you could potentially change it to your minor or concentration. A lot of people figure out the perfect niche and begin to flourish. Wheeling and dealing in college will become so much easier once you begin an education in something you love. Whether you choose a more rigorous learning experience or choose to keep it simple, the benefits of choosing your passion over money will return happiness to you 10 fold.

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