What do graphic designers do

Do you like to create unique designs for school or personal projects? Do you think visually? Do you like working with computers and learning new computer software programs? If so, you may enjoy a career as a graphic designer. Creating effective design is essential to being a graphic designer, but other skills include:

• Working well as part of a team
• Communicating visually
• Creating good design under pressure

If you think you possess these traits, or would like to learn how, you will probably be a good graphic designer.

How to Become a Graphic Designer
Most graphic designers obtain a four-year degree from an accredited college. These programs provide you with a versatile skill set and comprehensive experience with different software programs. They will also provide you with the best opportunity for job growth and promotion. Two-year professional training courses are also available and will help you get entry-level jobs.

What Graphic Designers Do
Put simply, graphic designers design. Whether for traditional print pieces or for web-based applications, designers must combine visual elements, typography and color combinations to create designs that effectively communicate a company’s marketing or branding message.

Traditional graphic design includes creating advertisements, logos, and company newsletters and brochures. Print designers are also needed for magazine covers, layouts, and inserts. While less glamorous for a skilled designer, graphic design is also needed for book publishing, including preparing book layouts for print and electronic publications.

Without question, the emphasis in graphic design over the last decade has shifted to web-based design. This includes creating basic websites, interactive e-commerce sites, mobile apps, and even video games.

What Is the Job Outlook for Graphic Design?
The average pay for graphic designers is around $40,000. Job growth in this field is expected to grow 6% over the next ten years, slightly less than other professions. Designers work with advertising and marketing agencies, publishers, web development firms, and in-house marketing departments. Over 40% of all graphic designers work as freelancers.

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