College socialization

Brittni Stanfield is a senior at Norfolk State University working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication with a focus on Broadcasting. She has completed over 100 credit hours in courses to enhance her communication, writing, editing, photography, and audio production skills. Throughout undergrad, she has interned for Norfolk State University’s WNSB Radio Station, focused on song writing, and currently working for Norfolk Public Schools as an assistant teacher. She looks forward to her graduation date this June 2015.

Stepping onto a college platform a summer after I graduated high school was an experience I could have never prepared myself for. The large campus tripled the size of my high school. What if I get lost and cannot find my class? What if I’m not able to make friends? What major will I choose to dedicate myself to academically? I was not sure how I would transition into the real world. I felt as if I had entered adulthood. I had moved onto campus, on the North side of Babbette Lee Smith; the dormitory that every on campus freshman was required to live in. After I checked in and received my key I began to pack the elevator with my belongings. It was then; I looked down onto my room assignment sheet to see that I was placed on to the 8th floor. I was not excited about my room assignment and I was definitely not excited about meeting my roommate. I wanted to meet her and connect with her but I was afraid to face who was behind the doors of 813. Avoiding negative thoughts I decided to make the best of it. I stepped off of the elevator in shock; I heard music playing, loud talking, laughter, and doors slamming. It reminded me of a party; a place I had been before. A place I went and had a great time. The other girls were extremely welcoming; this was exactly what I needed. I had forgotten about my worries and my lack of excitement towards my room placement. I had forgotten about the large campus and getting lost. I had forgotten about not being able to build relationships with my peers. As I stepped into my room it suddenly gave me a feeling I had not expected. I felt relieved. My roommate welcomed me into what I found to be the best year I would ever have. At that moment I realized that worrying would not prevent my worries from occurring. It is important to step into college with an open mind. There are hundreds of different personalities floating around, it is just up to you as a student to venture out and engage with your peers. Along with a degree, who you meet in college can affect your career outcomes and job possibilities as well. Here you will be able to build relationships with individuals in your major, therefore after college you can still be in contact with these classmates. Whether it is personal or business this is a beneficial networking tool towards you and your future career and plans. As a Mass Communications major, I found it necessary and beneficial to keep in contact with these peers because not only do we share a common major, but also some of us share common goals. These relationships give you opportunities to build brands, projects and ideas together. Simply, attending college and receiving your degree is nice, but the people you are able meet and network with create great opportunities.

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