Software engineer interview questions


Planning for interviews is critical including as a software engineer.  If you think you can just charm an interviewer with your wit and wisdom, do yourself a favor and prepare for a few technical questions along the way.  Looking at these types of questions early on in your career will also help point a laser light at your potential career.  You will see what courses you need to take to round out your knowledge in specific disciplines.

In software engineering you will get technical questions added to the basics. An interviewer is judging your knowledge but also you’re thinking processes.  Give yourself a shot by looking at some potential questions in advance.  It will help build your confidence.  Even if you get asked a variation of a question you’ve prepped for, you will still be better prepared to think on your feet.

You could be asked about writing a piece of code and what your process looks like from beginning to end delivery. Documentation is always important so what do you use to track requirements and trials?  If they ask you to start a game of tic-tac-toe let them know what the game board looks like.  What interfaces do you use?

In fact, you could work with other students and try to stump each other with questions.  Do a classroom Jeopardy session to prepare you to answer questions succinctly and quickly.  Try reviewing some of your classmates work.  What do you look for? What is important to you in someone else’s design?

How do you handle error situations; not only in your work but in your psyche?   Can you recover and move forward?  How would you choose to store one million addresses?

These technical questions may be interspersed with more generic interview questions.  Like the last time you had to correct someone what did you do?  What book is on your nightstand?  I.e. what are you reading in your spare time.  And it’s okay if it is a murder mystery or fiction.  Ideally the best candidate is well rounded.

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