Complexity regains ground in the computer science lab in school. Computers, software, applications, and design are all very complex sounding.  And it is complex.  If you are interested in software engineering as a career you can help keep it simple by choosing a single field.  First look into all the areas you may be interested in and then choose your direction and field of study.

Suppressing your fields down to one particular focus is a good thing.  Choosing a direction in the software industry will actually help in your career planning.  The industry is complex enough so you want your option to be simple.

With all this talk of fields and industry don’t let it get overwhelming.  Studying, learning and deciding about the industry itself is a process and takes time to navigate. You will not learn or champion to master this engineering overnight.  But this is a good thing to know early, because if you don’t have the time then this profession is not a good idea.

This industry is also one rife with volatilities.  So if you cannot handle ups and downs this isn’t the place for you.  While some people thrive on an ever changing environment if you don’t like constantly learning, that is a good sign to read now. You will be finding out new things all the time and looking for the new information meaning you are self-educating constantly.

Developing simple routines will help keep you balanced and grounded in this complicated discipline.


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