Software engineer job description


What do software engineers actually do?  Unless you are already an engineer you may have ideas or assumptions about what a software engineer does. Most people assume they have something to do with computers.  Yes, they are the creative brains behind computer programs.  These programs no longer only run on our computers though.

Phones, devices, notebooks, and games all have a computer programs in them now.    Some software engineers will take a look at consumer needs.  They analyze what people want and need to do on their devices.  And then they figure out a way to make that happen.

Other software engineers specialize in the systems that run all these applications.  They create the platforms and also they create and control the networks.

Depending on where your skills lay, in software engineering you will gravitate to one of these areas and then within that area you can specialize.  If you tend to look at the end users concerns then you can look at creating new programs and applications. Once you design a new program, you will need to test its functionality and its end user friendliness.  Can the average consumer use the program as designed?

Some software engineers will look at existing applications and judge their versatility. These engineers can look at improving or upgrading these programs or systems.  This usually results in upgrades for the consumer.

Other software engineers will look at how these programs and the systems plan to work together.  Finding how they best work together is the optimum result.

Any area of software developing will require creativity and versatility and basic trial and error.


Sources Cited:  Bureau of Labor and Statistics

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