Tips for first year college students

My name is Jasmine Pena, I am currently an online college student at Southern New Hampshire University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing-Fiction. I am an aspiring writer who likes to write meaningful stories and articles to help motivate others in a powerful and meaningful way. This will be my first professional writing job. I started writing articles on Hubpages in 2011 as a freelance writer while at the same time going to school. I like to read, listen to music, and be with my family and friends.

Starting your first year of college can seem at first, like an exciting, yet scary at the same time, especially if you are attending a college that is out-of-state can seem extra daunting. Starting college means starting a fresh slate on your academic career. This whole new experience will bring total independence from your parents. A whole new set of decisions that you would need to take on as you set out on your new journey.

Going to college, means that you are already in your journey towards being an independent Adult in society. You have to learn to make choices on your own and take full responsibility of them, and not blame others for your mistakes.

Here are some helpful tips:

• Attend all of the course orientation meetings and make sure to also learn your way around your college campus ahead of time so you do not get lost on your very first day searching for your classes. One thing that I always like to do is go to my college campus the day after school starts, to search for my classes. Searching for your course classrooms will make it less stressful for you to find them on the first day. I tend to get nervous and stressed when I get lost, so being prepared ahead of time almost always helps me.
• There is a quote that says, “to have a friend you must be one.” This is true, meet your roommate and other fellow students in your residence hall. These are the main people that you will get to see often in campus and in your four years of college.
• it might have been easy in high school to have your teachers tell you when an assignment was due. College Professors will not do this. I always print out the assignment schedule provided by my professors, or calendar of assignment due dates. It is advisable for you to create a To-Do List for each week, or simply in a calendar write down the assignments due on each month and week. Learning to stay organized will help you stay focused and stress-free.
• Of course, your dorm room might seem like a good place to study and do your assignments, but not when there are noise distractions from your fellow roommates. Find another place to study, one place that is always preferable is the library at your college campus. Personally I prefer going to the library to study always because it helps me stay focused on my studies.
• Skipping a class can seem tempting, believe me, I have gone through that also but it will affect your grades and academic standing seriously in college if you miss too many class days. Going to your classes everyday will be beneficial for you in learning the course material and will help you excel in your courses. If you are having trouble waking up for your early morning classes, try sleeping early rather then late.

Lastly here is a quote I always like to read when I get discouraged: “Anything is possible.”

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