Sorority Rush Survival Guide

Joining a sorority isn’t for everyone, but for those that really embrace it, it can be an amazing experience and a place to make some of the best friends that you will ever have. While countless teen movies love to portray the rush process as some crazy or mystical process, at the end of the day rush is more like a job interview and its important to remember that as much as you want your chosen sorority to like you, they should also be trying to win you over as well. Remembering that and these few simple tips should make your rush process a breeze.

Impress The Rush Chairs – Upon entering a sorority house for the first time, you should be able to easily identify the Rush Chairs. These are the women who’s job it is to guide the house through the rush process. While you likely won’t have much one-on-one time with these women, they will be roving all of the rush parties, and sometimes complementing the rush chair on her dress in earnest or making light conversation can set you apart. Ultimately the rush chair will lead the discussion when the house is deciding whether or not to choose you and if she remembers you over others, you might give yourself an edge. Be careful not to be too aggressive with this tactic, as no one likes a suck up!

Dress For Success – Showing up like you just put on the least wrinkled clothing from your hamper or like you’re not even trying, will give the wrong impression. Choose an outfit that shows your personality, wearing something that makes you stand out a bit, like a cool necklace or ring that can be a conversation starter is an asset. Remember to dress in something that you would normally wear, don’t wear something that you think the house would want you to wear. There’s no sense in joining a house that wouldn’t like the real you. Most importantly, be aware that many rush processes involve working on crafts or sitting on the floor, dress so that you can do these things comfortably and in a dignified manner.

Conversation Is Key – The majority of the rush process is about conversations. While its important to tell your future sorority sisters who you are, it is also equally important to understand who they are as well. Answer their questions, but also be sure to ask some questions of them as well. Likewise, you may also be in a group conversation with other rushees, chat them up as well. Sororities like to see that you will make friends with other easily and you never know, the rushee sitting next to you might wind up being your roommate when you get to move into the house!

Dropping Names – If you know a girl that is already in the house that you’re rushing, don’t hesitate to drop her name if she’s a friend. You may find that she is put into rotation to rush you during the next stage of rush, which gives you an advantage. Conversely if there are girls in the house that you know but don’t get along with, there is no need to draw attention to that. Your best bet is to impress those that are rushing you on your own merits as their votes will be most important.

Smile – As awkward as rush can be, if you can smile your way through it you’re already ahead of the game.

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