Speaking Through Maranique Style

Hey, my name is Shallon Henry and I am a 22 year old gal currently working as a Wardrobe Stylist for Jigsaw London. I am also a current student at the Academy of Art University studying with a major in Fashion Merchandising and a focus in fashion marketing. In my spare time I like to style my friends and family, as well as myself and showcase my quirky yet sophisticated ensembles on social media portals. My interest in dance and music from all different cultures, as well as different languages have also always been close to my heart and I love to take those influences and incorporate them into my own unique fashion. So follow me on this journey as I speak through my style in everyday life

My name is Shallon Maranique Henry and as cliché as it sounds, I have a passion for fashion. I can remember as far back as the 3rd grade, seven years old and dressing myself for the first time. The excitement I felt was at volumes, and the chance that I was finally given to express my more creative side through style was freeing. Looking back now I’m sure I didn’t think too much into it as I am doing now but again I was only seven. On that day dressed in uniform, I put together this denim pencil skirt with minimal coloring and designs at the hem, a white polo shirt, and my white and black Mary Jane’s that I favored at the time. On this day I felt as if I could express the individuality within me, my layers that had made me feel different at times and hesitant to stand out. I finally found a way to express my individuality and unique persona, and so I began to speak through my Maranique style. I have had many style inspirations throughout my 22 years and all very different in some similar ways, but my initial style and fashion inspiration would be my Grandmother. My Grandmother’s style was effortless, she held her self with grace and sophistication at all times and that spoke depths through her style. She wore prints, solids, and textured pieces and always paired her ensemble with a signature item; whether it was an eye-catching bag, a brooch, or her favorite jewelry piece. I looked up to my grandmother very much in all aspects but her style and how she styled stood out to me in ways most people couldn’t realize. To style an ensemble proportion is key. Everyone wants to look and feel comfortable in what they’re wearing and to accentuate all the beautiful parts of the body through their clothing. Proportion is the first lesson I learned in creating outfit ideas and that is a lesson I will not forget. Whenever I get up for work or plan for a night out I think of the heavier item I will wear first, whether it be my top, my bottom, or my coat because ill always wear some kind of outerwear piece. Once I’ve figured that out, I’ll pair a lighter fabric or silhouette piece with my first item so I don’t have too much movement going on that distracts away from me and my body shape. I would describe my style as being very sporadic. I don’t stick to the same colors, fabrics, or silhouette’s when I choose an outfit. I choose what to wear based on my mood for that day, who I am newly inspired by, and something different that I’d like to try out to enhance my look. I like to dabble in a bit of all the styling genres whether it is Girly, Edgy, Boho, Chic, or Preppy. On some level I feel I can relate to all of them and in addition add in my own little twist to boot. My style is I and I take it everywhere with me. Fashion can be a wearable art and an outlet to be expressive without words and with that I continue to speak through my Maranique style.

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