Spring Fashion Advice

Spring is in the air and with it comes a whole new wardrobe. So how can you make the transition from cool to warmer weather without breaking a sweat (or blowing your budget)? Make sure you have the basics and a few trendy pieces to kick up your spring looks a notch while taking into account the fact that you will be walking miles across campus each day. Check out these tips to help you put your best spring fashion foot forward this semester!

Let’s start with the basics. Every spring wardrobe needs these items: a crisp white button-down shirt; versatile, tailored shorts to wear to class or for going out; colorful t-shirts; light jeans (stretch is always a favorite but looser styles are now popular!); and a simple go-to knit dress.

A crisp white shirt is a great layering piece. It can go over your knit dress, under a sweater vest or cardigan, over a tank with jeans, the list is endless. To dress it up, you can add a great statement necklace that hits just on your collarbone or wear it under a more tailored dress with heels.

Tailored shorts are one of my favorite basic pieces. With comfortable flat sandals and a t-shirt, they get you through a long day of classes and activities. With a more tailored blouse or tank and heels, they take you out for a night on the town. Bolder looks and chillier days can call for tights under your shorts and a cute cardigan and t-shirt. Great colors that go with everything include basic black, charcoal gray and brown. But don’t be afraid to rock a cool pair of patterned shorts or ones in a brighter color. Coral would be a great pop, for example, and go with a ton of other spring items.

Where would we be in college without our t-shirts? I’m not talking the kind you get for free for doing an activity, the soft, slim kind that are great for going under things or all by itself. It’s probably the most comfortable item you can purchase for your wardrobe that has a ton of mileage.

Light jeans are a no-brainer, but different styles come and go so quickly, it always seems you’re buying a new pair, right? Luckily for us, any style goes, from super slim to wide-leg. Just make sure your jeans are hemmed properly. You can find an inexpensive tailor outside school or even see if there is a dorm mother who can do it for a low price. If you plan to wear wider legs, make sure the hem hits where you need them to if you wear flats or sandals with them. Designate a different pair if you plan to wear heels and hem those accordingly.

Every spring, I can’t wait to wear my knit dresses because they are so easy and comfortable but pack so much style. I usually have a solid maxi, a solid knee-length, striped or different-colored maxi and a funkier knee-length dress on hand all season. They’re great to dress up for Friday night with wedges or to dress down with a simple pair of sandals and a cardigan.

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