Spring Nails

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely ready to treat myself to my first mani and pedi of the season. After months of neglect, my fingers and toes definitely deserve a little pampering. Here is my problem, I walk into the salon, the nice lady tells me to pick my color and I freeze. Literally, I freeze. I look at the wall of a million different shades and panic. Do I want sexy red, feminine pink or bold blue? I mean, I am going to have to wear this color and look at it every day for at least a week. This is a major commitment we are talking about!

I decided to consult my trusty advisor and find out what some of the most popular colors are for nails this spring. And while I can’t pick the actual color for you, at least I can help you narrow it down a bit. Turns out dark red is out. Who know, right? Instead it is all about a soft minty green. Which makes sense considering the pastel green trend we are seeing in clothes right now. Not feeling the green? No worries. Pale lilac is another big color for spring, along with the palest of pinks. These neutral shades will go with anything and a bonus is the lighter shades don’t show chipping as easily.

If you are feeling more adventurous, then try a vibrant pink or magenta. These colors look great on your toes, which are more than ready to show their stuff in some open-toed sandals. And if you are feeling very adventurous, sky blue is a huge hit this season. Just one bit of advice, toe art is O-U-T. So when the nice lady offers to paint a flower on your big toe, just say no!

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