Starting College in a Long-Distance Relationship

At first, it will seem like a good idea to continue dating someone you dated in high school as you go to different schools for college. You dream about the late night phone conversations, the visits to each other’s schools and counting the seconds between the times you see each other. This article is not to discourage you from trying to make it work with someone that you are pretty serious about – it is simply meant to make you think things through in a different way.
Starting off your freshman year is going to be one of the most exciting times of your life. New people, new place and new things to try are going to become pretty much your day-to-day life for at least your first semester as you adjust to your new life for the next four years. You should be embracing every last second of this experience. In a long-distance relationship, you might find yourself having to choose between a phone call or Skype conversation with your significant other or meeting friends for a late bite and study session. It becomes stressful at a point and can lead to some arguments about how well or how poorly you are communicating or making time for each other.
Weekends in college are by far where a lot of your friends and memories will be made. Whether you choose to party or not, you are going to get to do some really amazing things that you never have done before. If you take on making a long-distance relationship work, which could mean spending weekends away from your school and wherever they are. This is okay every once and awhile but to do it nearly every weekend, you will miss out on a lot of fun experiences that you will only get to hear about from your roommate or friends. If you and your significant other don’t end up working out in the long haul, you will look back on those times and regret being away from your campus even more.
Ultimately, it is up to you if you decide to attempt a long-distance relationship when you head off to college. It definitely doesn’t hurt to give it a try but also make sure you know when you should be calling it quits. Fighting for something that just isn’t working out the way it should be will leave you very unhappy and potentially waste weeks or months of your college experience that you will never get back.

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