Starting Yoga

Yoga is a beneficial addition to any fitness program, whether you’re a runner, a cyclist, a swimmer, a kickboxer, anything! It helps you stay loose and helps keep your body in alignment so you’re less likely to get hurt during your chosen exercise. In addition, even with just one yoga session a week, you’ll start to feel your stress level go down. And, unlike some other sports, you’ll start to feel progress after the first session—you’ll be able to stretch just a little farther, feel the knots in your muscles start to loosen up, and you’ll want to do it again the next day. With all these benefits (and more!), why not start practicing yoga?
Many yogis suggest taking an actual yoga class the first time you try yoga so that the instructor can fix your stance and so that you don’t hurt yourself. There really is a right and wrong way to do something as simple as downward dog. You don’t want to start doing a pose incorrectly, because you’re likely to continue doing it that way until someone else corrects it. Look up the different types of yoga first, then choose whichever class you like—each one is bound to contain the most basic poses anyway, and those are the ones you need to know how to do properly so you can continue your yoga practice at home.

Last thing for you to do: practice, practice, practice! No one can do handstands or inversions from day 1, it all requires practice! Check out videos specific to the poses you would like to hold (like crow pose) and just keep doing them until you grow strong and limber enough to do it yourself. After the Yoga Challenge, you don’t have to continue doing yoga every day, but do it at least once a week to reap the benefits and stay flexible for your regular sport. Or maybe you’ll just fall in love with yoga and turn that into your ‘regular sport’!

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