Static-Free Life

Every girl has experienced a hair day where she just can’t seem to get rid of the annoying static in her hair. We have some tips to help you get rid of the static next time it sneaks up on you.

Every Other Day: Shampoo your hair every other day instead of daily. The oil that builds up in your hair is actually good for your hair. The natural oils will actually fight off static.

Brush: By brushing your hair with a natural fiber brush, you can get rid of static. These types of natural fibers (boar bristles) help spread around all of the natural oils that your scalp develops and it brings protection to your hair.

Dryer Sheet: That’s right. Getting rid of static can be as easy as using a dryer sheet. Use the same kind you use for your laundry. You can easily carry these around with you in your purse to avoid static moments.

Oil: Add some great oil products to your hair to get rid of all of that electricity. You can even use lotion for this, but don’t use too much so you don’t make your hair greasy.

Moisturize: By adding moisture to your hair, you can get rid of static. Do this by using a humidifier so that the moisture will come back to your hair as you sleep. This will make your hair beautiful and static-free in the morning when you wake up. This will also hydrate your skin, and who doesn’t want hydrated skin?

These are just a few tips that you can apply to your daily routine to avoid getting static in your hair. Static can be annoying so it is important to apply these tips to avoid those bad hair days.

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