Stay Slim This Summer

Summer is such a fun time! As the temperature creeps up so do social activities. Your friends have backyard barbeques and pool parties, you go see your favorite baseball team play, and date night becomes a walk downtown for ice cream. All these things are super laid back and chill, but it can be hard to not transfer over that nonchalant attitude to your diet. Enjoying an ice cream cone or beer here and there is perfectly fine, it’s always good to indulge somewhat, but beware of those fun calories adding up. Here are a couple tips to make sure all your hard work doesn’t go to waste this summer.
1. Bring your own dish. Who said just because you are going to someone’s house for a party you can’t bring your own grub? It’s super hard to get to a barbeque and only see chips, hot dogs, and dips when you are trying to eat healthy. Bringing your own dish to pass, like a great salad, will ensure you have something you are comfortable eating and the host will probably be thankful that you brought something to share.

2. 1:1 water and alcohol. It is hard to resist a wine cooler or margarita when the rest of the gang is drinking. To make sure that you stay hydrated and avoid some calories that go along with alcohol make sure for every drink you have, you have one full glass of water. You will end up drinking less alcohol and won’t wake up with a killer hangover the next morning.

3. Make alternatives. If you want ice cream then make your own with frozen bananas and almond milk. Just slices bananas, freeze them and then when you want a treat throw them in a blender with almond milk and a dash of vanilla yogurt. You will save a ton of calories and avoid all the artificial ingredients in store bought versions.
It can be hard to stay healthy throughout the summer, but remember your goals and use these tips to stay on track.

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