College fashion advice

Milan Dixon is a sophomore attending her hometown college University of Nevada- Las Vegas (Go Rebels!) and also works part time at Urban Outfitters. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship in which she has hopes of opening her own small business one day.

Fashion is all about expressing ourselves through clothing and the way we style it. You can do this through textures, patterns, color, brands etc. Although, how do you go about expressing yourself on a typical college students aka $0. In this article I will demonstrate the various ways you can look your best for less. This will include thrift shopping, how to take advantage of coupons/sales and how your app store can save you hundreds.
Thrift shopping; the thought of it amuses some and disgusts others. When I first began thrifting as a hobby, I would become overwhelmed every time I stepped foot into my local Savers. There were too many racks, clothes were flung all over the place and the sound of the hangers screeching as shoppers rifled through the abyss all felt like a bad dream. On the other hand, having a closet full of vintage items sounded like pure bliss. After months of trial and error, I believe I developed the best strategy to have a successful trip. Research some new fashion trends or go window shopping at some of your favorite stores. This strategy makes your thrifting trip more organized because you already have an idea of what you’re looking for. Next, read through a couple of Yelp reviews of your local thrift stores to get a sense of their product and its quality. When it’s finally time to step into the abyss, take a deep breath and just dive into it! You’ll quickly realize that it’s not that hard to come across some awesome finds. I recently found a vintage Nike track jacket for only $3! Ultimately, thrift shopping takes time and dedication but having the most unique closet out of all your roommates seems like a great incentive.
Now if you still can’t fathom wearing used clothing then coupons, sales and your app store are going to be your next best bet to save wherever you can. As I mentioned, it’s a good idea to go window shopping at some of your favorite stores. In this case, it’s a good way to compare prices of similar items. Now that you’ve got a good idea of what you may like and need, next is figuring out if you can discount or save in any form or fashion. Never did I think that I would become a “couponer” but with handy apps like RetailMeNot and The Coupons App it’s hard not to save! These particular apps will display most major stores current coupons and promotions as well as your local shopping stores. Also, joining your favorite stores’ emailing lists will ensure you access many deals, steals and even early admission to shop their sales. There’s even websites and blogs out there to help you find trendy looks for less such as and It may seem tedious and time consuming when we students already have so much on our plates. Although, once you’re at the register and those discounts are taken off and the extra cash you save starts to add up, you begin to feel a great sense of accomplishment.
In conclusion, we all want to express ourselves through many ways including our clothes. Although as a college student neck high in debt, it isn’t always likely that we can afford to spend as much to dress the way we would like. Strategically shopping while taking advantage of current technology, you come to find that with a little time and effort you save quite a bit and look awesome while doing so.

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