Staying focused in college


Staying focused is extremely important while in college and in being successful alone. There are many distractions in college and maybe difficult to stay motivated at times; such as school related organizations, school activities, parties, your favorite television series, and even your friends. Planning ahead and being organized can be a big help when trying to stay focused.
Avoid procrastination; work hard, play later. One helpful trick you can try is keeping a list of priorities. Write down all of your assignments with the due dates and check them off as you complete them. It will also help if you keep a calendar and reminders in your phone or a notebook. Organize a schedule for times needed for studying, homework, meals, free time for school events, and times to rest. Decide which assignments are more important and attend to those first. Studying for exams is always a priority and can also help with related work.
When studying, determine what strategies work best for you. Some students prefer to be a part of study groups, other prefer to be alone. Studying in groups tends to be helpful because you can learn from your peers and vice versa. Seeing a tutor a few times a week is also beneficial. Most schools have other students and tutors which can make it more comforting for the tutee. Don’t be afraid to try new things and ask for assistance.
Always put in your best effort. Take your time during your assignments, and break them into parts if need be. If you’re writing a paper, brainstorm first. Write down all possible ideas pertaining to the topics and go from there. Research as much as you can to add into your work for more details and examples. Adding your personal thoughts and opinions may also help in writing papers depending on the topic or type of paper. Have a friend or professor proof read your work before submitting it in case of errors or if something needs to be added or taken out.
These simple strategies can be the key to your success.

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