Staying Healthy

Unless you attended a boarding school, going to college and living in a dorm will be a very new experience. And with living in close quarters with others comes the possibility of getting sick. Don’t want to get sick? Apart from quarantining yourself from your roommates, there are some things you can do to stay healthy.

1. Get enough sleep. Part of getting enough sleep includes making sure you get your work done on time so you’re not pulling all-nighters. It also means confronting roommates or suitemates who may be keeping you awake at night due to loud noises, such as music playing.
2. Drink plenty of water, and eat right. If you want that greasy burger then consider a salad on the side instead of fries, or ditch the sugary energy drink and go for tea instead.
3. Clean common areas! If cleaning isn’t your thing then break it up- clean for about 20 minutes a day, and by the end of the week your place will be a lot more sanitary.
4. Consider buying a humidifier when the weather is cold and dry. Make sure to read the warnings since it is a heated appliance.
5. Go to the health center. If you really think you’re sick then you will need to see a medical professional.
7. Limit your alcohol. Drinking too much can cause terrible dehydration and vomiting. If you decide to drink make sure to do so responsibly, and always drink water and eat when drinking.

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