Staying Professionally Polished

You are in college now or nearly out of college. This is the season where you spend your free-time at internships, proving that you have what it takes in whatever field you are going into. One thing to not neglect is your appearance. We understand that you are a college student and you probably just want to throw on a t-shirt and some sweatpants when you go to intern. You should probably re-think that choice. The truth is, you should be dressing for the job that you want and not the one that you currently have. If you dress like you do not care, regardless of how hard you work, you will not be taken seriously and it could ruin your chances of getting a potential job. Here are a few things to remember!

Hair: We understand that you do not have time to sit in front of the mirror every morning and style your hair just right. If you are having a bad hair day or did not have time to wash it, you can either go for the sleek ballerina bun look, you can braid your hair (try fishtail braids), or pull it back into a tight ponytail. You can even use dry shampoo on your hair to make it look freshly washed.

Nails: Dirty and unpolished nails can show that you live a sloppy lifestyle. If you have nail polish that is a month old and is chipping away, set aside the extra 2 minutes to either repolish your nails or remove the polish. You want to do everything you can to show your potential employers that you are on top of everything, even your nails!

Lips: Maybe you were up late studying all night and did not have time to make your makeup look perfect this morning. The power of red (or any bright color) lipstick is amazing. Apply a bright shade of lipstick to your lips and it will change your entire look.

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