Staying Safe at College

Be Aware of Your Surrounding
First, be aware of your surroundings. This means when alone, walk with your head up, shoulders back, and take confident, powerful strides. Use your eyes to scan the area around you. Don’t walk alone with headphones or earbuds. Your sense of hearing is your first warning sign something might be wrong. Just looking confident and being aware makes you look less like a victim and does deter criminals.

Car Decorations
If you have a car on campus, get rid of any girlie car decorations. Criminals use these signs as an opportunity to wait for their victim to show up in isolated parking lots or parking garages. This means no stuffed toys in the car, no license plate border, no stickers, and no air freshener or toys hanging from the rearview mirror. Bags that you leave in your car that look feminine should be thrown in the trunk so no one can see them.

College Parties
Have a blast at college parties; they are a big part of the experience. However they are not the right environment to get stupidly drunk. Actually, no public arena is the right environment to get stupidly drunk no matter the gender, age, or place, for any person. Use this simple rule; for every alcoholic drink you have, follow it with a cup of water. Allow yourself to feel warm and comfortable, and then stop drinking to keep your wits about you. There is also the added benefit of being sober enough to observe the stupidly drunk do stupid things. Could make for a good laugh, especially when it isn’t you.

Basic Self-Defense Course
Go ahead and take a basic self-defense course. It’ll up your confidence which is a good first step in self-defense. An example is when you are at a party and some stupidly drunk guy tries to intimidate you into doing something, you’ll feel prepared to take care of yourself. This air of confidence alone, without having to do anything, can deter a potentially violent situation. If things do get ugly, you know how to act swiftly and then get out of there.

Use Campus Security
Hey, these guys are part of your college tuition fee. They are there to work for you. If you have a late class, especially if you have to get to your car in a parking lot, have campus security escort you.

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