Steps to Take to Become a Freelance Makeup Artist

If you love makeup and you love applying makeup on yourself and people, perhaps you should consider becoming a freelance makeup artist. Like many professions, there are some steps that you will need to take in order to pursue this career. With some dedication, some time, creativity, and lovely personality, you can achieve success as a freelance makeup artist.
• Get educated. While it is important to have a knack for creativity, it is doubly important to be educated in the field as well. There are certain techniques and basic skills you should learn. In addition to learning the necessary skills to perfect your craft, you will also receive a certification as well. Obtaining a certification can give you more opportunities because some clients prefer their makeup artists to have some sort of professional certification. Also some states do require you to have cosmetology license in order to work.
• Keep your makeup kit updated. Your kit contains the tools you need to create your work, so it’s important to have the essentials and basics always stocked. Miscellaneous items can be added to the arsenal later, but necessary products such as foundation, mascara, and shadows should be stocked. Also remember that you can use certain products to multitask if you are on a tight budget. Quality work doesn’t always mean expensive products.
• Create a portfolio and keep it updated. A portfolio is the best way to display your skills and creations. Keep that in mind when you take your photographs. You want high quality shots of the looks you’ve done to display what techniques you are knowledgeable in and what your strong suits are. Remember to always keep adding to your portfolio so potential clients can see your growth.
• Never stop learning. Just because you are certified and graduated from a makeup academy doesn’t mean you stop learning. You need to always keep practicing and will need to continue to stay educated in any new techniques that become available over time. It’s always beneficial to take that extra class if you are rusty or want to learn something new. Don’t ever stop expanding your knowledge in your profession, that’s how you will stunt your growth.
• Network yourself. With so many forms of social media, you have plenty of ways to promote yourself and your work. Your success as a freelance makeup artist depends on word of mouth, the people you know, and your motivation to display your work. It’s extremely important to keep yourself relevant if you want to have a successful career.

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