Sticking with what you know, or trying something new

College students may wonder if they should date someone similar to that of their ex, or try to date someone completely different.

Tastes change after high school. That same microscope students were once under is no longer a factor, and college students may be much more likely to date someone different than they would have while in high school.

A good reason for changing up who you are dating is because variety is truly the spice of life, and being in college means having new experiences with new types of people which can be very fun.

If you dated the college cheerleader in high school, or the star football player, maybe it’s time to switch it up, and date someone who is in the debate club, or who is in political science.

It could even be the opposite, if you were an introvert in high school, and bloomed in college, it may be time to date someone who you find someone who you find attractive because you feel more attractive.

It can be argued to stick with what you like because a lot of the time, when someone figures out their type, they tend to stick with dating that kind of person in high school, college, and even post college.

Either way, it’s important to know that you have choices with who you date and that you are not the person you once were last year, or a few years ago. You don’t have to be stereotyped into any category of who you should date, who is in your league, and who your friends want you to date. It’s up to you.

While in college, you’re going to date who you want to date, but if you feel yourself in the same dating pattern, with the same kind of person, and the dates and relationships just aren’t up to par, it may be time to switch it up, rethink who’s out there, and look around. Someone you may never have found attractive or interesting at one time, may seem appealing and intriguing to you now.

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