Stock Up for Summer at the Outlets

Are you ready to start stocking your closet with some warm weather essentials, but on a tight budget and not sure where to begin? Well, I have two words for you – outlet stores. Outlets are a fabulous place to score some serious deals, but if you aren’t prepared they can also be a great place to experience some major buyer’s remorse.

Bargain shopping is always hit or miss, so you very well may have a different experience each time you head out. Go ready to dig through clothes and find hidden gems. It is important to keep in mind that not all shops in outlet malls are necessarily selling items cheaper than normal. Most of the time you will find price tags that tell you the price before and “our price”, so you know what kind of discount you are getting. But not all stores afford you that courtesy. And we all know how easy it is to be seduced by what appears to be a good deal only to get home, put it in your closet and never wear it.

What people often over look is the fact that retailers use their outlet stores as another chance to get rid of poor selling items and as a dumping ground for old or irregular merchandise. Always take a close look any items you may buy. Make sure that all of the zippers work, that there are no major imperfections on the fabric and all of the clasps close. Also sometimes the sizes are mismarked, so always try on clothes before committing to buy. Last of all, if you see something that you love, but it has a little defect; don’t be scared to ask for a discount. Stores are usually willing to give you up to 20% off an item that is damaged.

That said, outlet malls are almost always worth the trip and at the very least you are in for some solid people watching. Happy hunting!

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