Stop Caring, Start Wearing

I am a third Year Electronic Media Major, Marketing Minor, and I’m earning a certificate in Creative Writing at the University of Cincinnati. I’m also the social media director for Bearcast Media, the student run media group at UC. I love coffee, J. Crew, music, and sunshine. “Do one thing every day that scares you”-Eleanor Roosevelt

How many times have you seen a tweet boldly claiming that leggings are not pants only to scroll down a few tweets to find another claiming that leggings are in fact pants? Certainly you’ve also heard your friend ask “what’s she so dressed up for?” as a girl walks past the two of you wearing chinos, flats, and a button up. Do you walk past the Sperry store asking yourself if you’re even technically allowed to buy them because you don’t own a boat? If questions, criticisms, or judgment play on a reel in the back of your mind when dressing yourself in the morning or when you observe the outfit choices of others on the way to your 8 am I have one piece of advice for you. STOP.

In high school I spent way too much time piecing together the perfect outfit for the next day during my freshman and sophomore year. It mattered to me way more than it should have. Then, I got a job, and took an insane amount of AP courses. Needless to say those two changes mattered much more than choosing the perfect shade of denim to go with a maroon sweater. Those things also became more important than buying clothes from a certain store just for the sake of saying, “It’s Abercrombie and Fitch”. Yes, that was how we impressed each other at my high school.

I find myself in a similar situation now that I’m in college. It’s more important to me to go to work, do all my homework, and stay sane than it is for me to really care what other people think about my clothes. I’m not here to tell you to start or stop dressing a certain way outside of telling you to dress in a way that makes you happy. That’s right, I’m saying it, WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, not what makes everyone else happy. Some days I’m the girl walking past you in the chinos, flats, and button up for no reason other than that’s what I felt like wearing that day. Some days I’m the girl walking past you in a flannel, bandana, ad dessert boots because again, that’s what feels right for the day.

At this point it probably won’t surprise you to know that I don’t follow every trend that comes down the pike of young women’s fashion. You probably don’t either. We simply don’t have time for it, and you should never let anything, not even a well-designed Pinterest post, make you feel like you HAVE to wear Uggs once temperatures dip below 40 degrees. You’re in college feeling the pressure of trying to successfully graduate, and enter the work force with a solid resume, it’s okay to decide today that the t shirt from junior year’s powderpuff football team is making a showcase, then, decide tomorrow that you look really great in those new boots so you need to wear the cutest sweater you own to complete the look.

Don’t let anyone make clothing rules for you. I’ve had countless crummy days when one of the only comforting thoughts I have is “At least I’m dressed comfortably”. Nothing makes a bad day worse like hating your outfit, and any good day gets even better when you feel good about what you’re wearing. Let yourself look in the mirror every morning with the ability to say, “I’m dressed like ME, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

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