Stop Spending Time With the Wrong People

Your college years are really short and go much faster than you expect. There are a lot of people who you are going to meet along the way. You are going to meet potentially your best friends but you are also going to meet people who you should not be spending time with. Spending time with the wrong people is a waste of your valuable time and energy but how do you know if you are in that situation?
The wrong people for you are the ones who are consistently putting their needs above yours. They call you with their problems and expect you to drop everything to solve them but they don’t do the same when you come calling. This is not fair to you and you can’t continue to let yourself go through that.
The wrong people for you are also the people who are finding ways to put you down instead of building you up. They aren’t the one to really lend out a complement or support your dreams. They will usually shrug it off or ask questions like, why would you waste your time doing that?
Another type of person that you shouldn’t be spending your valuable time with is someone who doesn’t accept you for who you are and is constantly trying to change you. This goes for friends and the people that you want to be in a relationship with. The second that they try to alter the way you think, look or feel is the second that you need to reevaluate the friendship and consider walking away for good.
With all of the people that you meet in college, it is not okay to ever feel less than who you are. You have to know when to walk away and who you should spend your time with.

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