How to impress employers

By Kendra Pete

As a college student, you understand that your grades play a major role in your professional career. The better the grade point average the better the possibility of finding employment and/or being accepted into a post-undergraduate program, and with such pressure on your academic performance, it can easily become overwhelming for any hard-working scholar. Take it from someone who has made all A’s for majority of her life and once upon time, refused to accept anything less.

However, a point shy of a 4.0 and three B’s later, I have come to the conclusion that: A) grades aren’t everything because B) employers value industry experience a lot more. This by far was the hardest lesson for me to learn during my collegiate years because I was so accustomed to “perfection.” I remember the very first time I received a “B” I spent a good 15 minutes explaining to my professor that I did not know where that “B” came from but he could definitely have it back. I told him I was willing to do any extra credit assignment he could think of just so my grade could change, but my efforts were in vain; he wouldn’t budge. So, I had no choice to put my big girl pants on and accept the fact that my chance of graduating with a 4.0 was out of the window.

But after reflecting on the situation, I realize that was one of the best things that could have happened to me because it broke the cycle of “perfection” I thought I created and allowed me to see that grades are not a direct reflection of my intelligence nor my capabilities. Moreover, once I began interning and strengthening my resume, I noticed how employers were more marveled by the amount of experience I acquired over the years, and to my surprise, they praised my “imperfect” 3.9 as if it were a 4.0.

I could drag this out even more, but the lesson here is simple: don’t perceive grades or grade point averages as determinants of success. Success is for whoever wants it bad enough. Go out and get experience; don’t wait for someone to give you permission. Employers want to know that they have hired a “go-getter,” a trailblazer-someone who doesn’t hesitate to take the initiative-not someone who can memorize information and answers questions correctly. With an incomparable work ethic, attitude and decent GPA, you can get the job of your dreams or even create the job of your dreams. Just know that the world is truly yours, and the only person standing between you and where you want to be in life is YOU.


Texas Southern University senior, Kendra Pete, has had her fair taste of academic ups and downs over the years; therefore, it was only logical to share some of her experiences with current and prospective students. After serving as the Vice President of Public Relations and Recruitment for The National Society of Collegiate Scholars for two consecutive years, playing intramural sports and maintaining a 3.9 grade point average, Kendra realized that life is truly what you make it; she firmly believes that there is no valid reason or excuse for anyone not to live the life they desire if an individual’s work ethic matches that desire.
Her current major is Journalism with a concentration in Advertising and Public Relations paired with a minor in Spanish in hopes to finding employment that incorporates these fields as well as marketing and management. The Houston resident looks forward to what the future holds and hopes that she can serve as an inspirational force for the upcoming generations.

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